Marsha Reidburn Receives Award of Excellence at 51st Bosses Night

On Friday, March 11th, NALS of Pierce County held their 51st Bosses Night at the Tacoma Yacht Club as our way of thanking the legal community of Pierce County for their support throughout the year.  We invite members from the bench, the bar, and everyone working in the legal field to attend.  One of the things that NALS of Pierce County asks for is nominations from the legal community for the Boss of the Year, Award of Excellence, Firm of the Year, and Outstanding Community Service.  This year Marsha Reidburn was the recipient of the Award of Excellence.  Here is the nomination I provided to NALS of Pierce County:

 I’ve worked with a lot of different people, but there’s one that I’ve worked with for the 15 months that takes the cake!    She’s been in the legal field since, I think,  the ‘80s doing all kinds of things from legal assistant to paralegal to court reporter.

Let me give you a little background:

 In the Fall of 2014 I was informed by my attorneys that they’d be leaving the high-rise firm that we were all currently working for and were starting their own firm with two of their partners.  I’d never worked with these two partners (shoot, one of them I don’t think I’d ever set eyes on since I worked on a different floor).  I’d met their assistant, but had never worked with her. 


Fast forward to January 2015 when we opened the doors to the new firm – me and my two attorneys and the other two partners and their assistant.  That first day, everything is new, down to the software programs and telephones.  Between the insanity of not knowing how to get the copier to work, setting up telephone systems, looking at the postage machine and thinking “oh s@@@,” and seeing all the paper we brought over to convert to our new paperless system – she did it all with a smile and the most refreshing sense of humor! 


One of my all-time favorite memories was the day she not only figured out how to PRINT a letter AND the envelope – then put postage on it!  There were high fives, singing and dancing!  There are so many more stories that I could tell, but I don’t have time to write that book and you don’t have time to read it.


I asked one of the partners what she’d say about her assistant in a nutshell:


She is the best legal assistant I’ve ever had – which means a lot, since she’s primarily been my only assistant since I began practicing law nearly 20 years ago.  Of course, she does all the things that good legal assistants do – from filing and keeping me organized to drafting and revising documents even when she can’t possibly read my handwriting or understand my rambling dictation to dealing with difficult clients and keeping them away from me!  And, she does it with a smile on her face. I truly value her for more than our working relationship; she truly is a friend.  I am pleased to nominate her for this award for which she so richly deserves.  


Now that we’re into our second year, there’s no one that I’d have rather had at my side getting this firm up and running.  It is with great pride that I nominate Marsha Reidburn for the Award of Excellence.  I honestly couldn’t imagine doing this without her!

Artist Reception

Thank you all for coming out and supporting our event last night and to Kristin Johnson, Tacoma Art Group and Susan Russell Hall from the Tacoma Art Museum!

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Showcase Magazine Highlights Ledger Square Law’s Office and Gallery

Art at the offices of Ledger Square Law

Showcase Magazine, a lifestyle and culture magazine of the South Puget Sound, featured the artwork and offices of Ledger Square Law. The new law offices proudly display art and sculptures of local artists with plans to rotate in new art quarterly. The unique look and feel of Ledger Square Law’s location is all apart of what separates the big-firm feel from this small-firm charm.

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Ledger Square Law Featured In The Puget Sound Business Journal

Ledger Square Law Firm

Jason Whalen, one of Ledger Square Law’s founding partners, was featured with other members of boutique law firms in a recent article published by Puget Sound Business Journal. Boutique law firms are becoming a popular business model for lawyers and allow more flexibility between a professional and personal life as well as lower operating costs. As a smaller firm, Ledger Square Law is able to have a focused area of practice and dedicate more resources to provide quality service to clients.

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Ledger Square helps resolve employment dispute for former library director

Puyallup to pay $58,000 settlement to former library director
By Kari Plog
Staff Writer
April 22, 2015

The City of Puyallup has agreed to pay its former library director a $58,000 settlement, avoiding a potential wrongful termination lawsuit.

Tim Wadham was fired Feb. 9 for problems related to his job performance, the city says.

City Manager Kevin Yamamoto wrote Wadham a termination letter three days before the director was fired citing examples of “poor judgment and discretion,” according to personnel documents obtained by The News Tribune.
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Washington Supreme Court Issued Ruling For Lenders Right’s

On January 8, 2015, the Washington Supreme Court issued a ruling protecting lenders’ rights to pursue deficiency judgments against guarantors of commercial loans when the property securing such loans has been reacquired through foreclosure. In Washington Federal v. Harvey, Supreme Court Case No. 90078-7, the State Supreme Court held that guarantors in that case were not shielded from a deficiency judgment against them for two reasons. First, the guarantors had not secured their own guaranties by granting deeds of trust and second, even if they had, “the foreclosed properties are not protected from deficiency judgments under the DTA (Washington’s Deed of Trust Act).” Whether you are a lender, borrower, or guarantor of another borrower, the importance of clear documentation of the transaction cannot be understated. Our years of experience in banking law allows us to provide concise guidance to financial institutions, borrowers, or guarantors involved in almost any transaction. The cost of a short document review can pale in comparison to the financial problems that the parties discover in cases like Harvey. Lender, borrower, or guarantor, let us help you on the front end, saving you from headaches on the back end. Find more information about Ledger Square Law P.S. at